MOLOKO Liverpool - Project 4 x Subulate Quercus Minima with 3W Spot LED Lighting and Dimmer


GOSS Outdoor has been commissioned to work on a project for an incredibly stunning alfresco area at the pub and music establishment, MOLOKO Liverpool. This was an installation of grandest heights, where we have installed a total of four Subulate Quercus Minima systems to create a super enclosed and inviting area for the customers. Our team has also implemented dimmer LED lights and double Infrared Heaters to complement the shading systems.

The manager of MOLOKO Liverpool, Mr Jordan B, talks about his experience with GOSS Outdoor: "Ever since we have had the pergolas for the past 5 weeks, it has really made a difference outside. The installations have improved the extent we are able to use the alfresco area. The lighting and dimming options create a super chill area in the evenings for our customers and it also attracted a lot more people ever since."

On the topic of his experience with using the pergola in the rain and wind, he clarified: "I would say the pergolas are suitable for ALL weather conditions. The pergolas create a very enclosed area and keep the rain and wind out so easily plus with the drainage system which the pergolas come with. It keeps the underneath super dry, especially essential in a place like Liverpool where it rains a lot."


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