Enfield, North London Project - Retractable Pergola System (Subulate Minima)


Located in the suburbs of Greater London, one of our GOSS Outdoor customers have reached out to us regarding an installation project. Mr YW explained to us that his wishes to create a secluded, rain warding and wind-protected patio which we have then gone on to help him choose exactly what kind of system will be suitable for his project.

Every project is unique, hence why our team have kept strong communications with Mr YW to make sure we understand exactly how to build a fantastic shading system for his garden! This particular project involved the customising and installation of a brand new retractable pergola, the Subulate Minima, our team's pride and joy. This model fits most budgets and is a go-to choice for our customers. The pergola has been fitted with a 3W spotlight system and has a projection of 3.5m (11.4'') which confidently covers over the beautiful wooden decking underneath and protects it from getting wet and slippery. 


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