Best Hygiene Practices in the Office: Keeping Colleagues Safe!

Being aware of the current news about the newly announced pandemic of the Covid-19 virus AKA the Coronavirus, our managers and colleagues decided to take some precautionary actions to help prevent the spread of germs around our office (which we are all very grateful for).

With the aims of helping our colleagues stay well informed and keep on top of the best practices regarding how to ensure best hygiene and safety when in the offices at GOSS Outdoor, we have created a list of helpful pointers suitable for any office use! We hope that you can also use these tips in your workplace!

1. Carry a personal alcohol-based sanitising product

 Who would have thought hand-gels would be the liquid gold of 2020? These mini anti-bacterial lifesavers have started to sell out the moment they enter the shelves in biggest supermarkets, and they are being used to keep hands free from germs and dirt, whenever a sink or a washroom is unavailable. You might end up needing them in public areas, including the office surroundings. 

If you are having trouble finding hand gels to purchase, try finding them at small post offices and local convenience stores. 


You can also use “lemon hand colognes”, a traditional hand sanitising method used in Turkey as a part of daily-life and courtesy culture. These are fresh smelling liquids with over 70% alcohol in them and can be found in most international supermarkets/shops.

2. Create sanitation hot-spots in the office

 Think about the areas colleagues are most likely to be touching; kitchen and communal dining areas, elevators etc. You can place a hand sanitizers/hand colognes in these areas to encourage your colleagues to keep their hands clean before and after using communal areas. Our manager recently has also installed a small sanitation area for our team to use on our breaks! (Thank you, Mr Senol!)

3. Share a car with a colleague (avoid public transport)

 Whilst this option might not be available to everyone, it is worth discussing with your colleagues who might be living in a similar direction as yourself. If you usually take the bus/tram/metro into work, you might find yourself exposed to the public more often than you require to. If any of your colleagues would be able to help pick you up as they are also heading to the office, you’re helping to keep yourself AND others safe too.

4. Wipe ALL of your own office belongings

 This includes all your daily office tools. Scissors, pens, sticky notes, tablets, laptops, phones… Get some disposable cloth and a sanitising product to wipe away your stationery and belongings, which you may be touching on the daily.

Which effectively also is safe to say, avoid using other colleague’s office stationery, equipment and goes without saying - personal belongings. If you really have to, make sure you are able to wash your hands or sanitise them afterwards.

5. If you have to cough/sneeze, use a tissue or your sleeves

 Your coughing and sneezing will get you more than a simple “bless you” these days. Avoid freaking out your colleagues by coughing and sneezing where the droplets can scatter easily around you and your colleagues’ workspaces. You can use your sleeve or tissue to sneeze and cough into, later disposing of it when you have finished using the tissue. Catch it and bin it!

6. Avoid touching your face

 Whether we know it or not, we are ALL very guilty for unknowingly touching our faces as we are working. Whether it is using our hand for head support and rubbing our eyes, you are less likely to get sick if you work on picking up on these little details.

7. Wash your hands regularly (yes, really!)

 We are told this about 5 times a day as if suddenly all humanity will have memory loss over how basic hygiene works - but washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap is ESSENTIAL to keeping safe from the viruses. Make sure your office has anti-bacterial soaps ready for regular use.

As we are talking about these tips in our office, we are also implementing them. We wish you a happy and healthy working environment from GOSS Outdoor!

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