Architect Answers: A Good Team Makes You Successful!

Miss Filipa L. an Architectural Assistant and a new valuable member of the team at GOSS Outdoor who graduated from the University of Salford in 2018 with 1st merit in Interior and Architecture Design.

At the moment she works as an Intern at Senol & Senol Ltd under Santander Graduate Internship Programme.

She is mentioning about the art as a part of the architecture, "I like art & design so anything that is included its worth for me to look at."

The young architect who said that modern architecture reflects itself, "I follow styles and the modern style is my go for, I like the modern design and architecture and the minimalistic design."

Good team and good communication are the keys to making the project succeed.

Miss Filipa says that success is depending on working with a good team, "I can say my project in Lisbon, it is the most reward project and experience and I did learn a lot from it. I had a good team and good communication are the keys to making the project succeed. When I start it I was a student so a good time table and a back a forward communication with the client is very important! For been an overseas project, I had to make sure I had all the plans, details on time so the project could be completed.”

She also says that knowing about the client's needs and doing a good organization has brought success. She emphasizes that it is necessary to use the time scale well.

Additionally, She says, "As an Interior Designer, I expect to gain as much experience I can to build my Interior Designer skills."

"I make sure I am up to date with design software and I always follow pages that could inspire me and give me a new design perspective."

She also suggests to the architecture students: "Do not wait to graduate to apply for jobs!"

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