The Incredible Game of Outdoor Furniture Comparisons

Due to the many styles of outdoor furniture we have available at GOSS Outdoor all thanks to the creativity and brilliance of the furniture artisans at Ethimo, we have decided to rank and rate three of the most unique outdoor collections, Flower, Knit and Allaperto Mountain Tartan! This post features our honest reviews about each ranges of technical specifications, appearance, materials used and where we feel they would fit the best outdoor situations.

Flower (by Ethimo)
This collection is solely made out of a sturdy metal material and with it’s strong yet petite feel, easily moved around the garden to help with experimentation easily. The Flower furniture comes in 12 incredibly vivid colours, bringing life and joy into our outdoors! Complete with its stackable chairs and cute, square side tables, superb value, this is definitely one of our top favourites!

Heavy or Light: Light
Colour and Fabric: Metal, available in 12 different colours
Rain-suitable: Yes
Recommended for: Suited for all, especially for demanding many chairs and tables.

Knit (by Ethimo)
The Knit collection brings a superior touch of elegance and comfort to any garden with its curved edges, which hugs the shoulders gently when seated in one of the chairs. As the name suggests, the sofa and chairs are tightly knitted with rope and infused with acrylic, securing our comfort all the while looking incredibly trendy. Knit features lounging armchairs and 2 seater sofas along with rounded coffee tables as well as square dining tables and sun loungers. We recommend the Knit for if one would be looking for premium comfort.

Heavy or Light: Medium
Colour and Fabric: Nature Teak wood available in two different colours
Rain-suitable: No (Rain cover available)
Recommended for: Suited for private patios and gardens and business establishments.

Allaperto Mountain Tartan (by Ethimo)
A furniture collection reminiscent of the stunning alp views of Northern Italy, bringing a slice of ski holidays to our terrace and outdoor area. The tartan pattern named as the ‘Ethitex Tartan’ which is an original creation by Ethimo and is very luxurious indeed. Allaperto Mountain furniture ranges flaunt super slick angled metal legs and work towards creating a mountain cabin themed backyard. We suggest that this range is accessorised with cosy blankets, colourful cushions and surrounded by potted plants for a complete look.

Heavy or Light: Medium
Colour and Fabric:
Coffee Brown Metal, Nature Teak wood and Ethitex Tartan fabric
No (Rain cover available)
Recommended for:
Suited for private patios and gardens, indoors and business establishments.

About Ethimo and GOSS Outdoor:
The stunning outdoor furniture which has been featured on this blog post is designed by Ethimo, a manufacturing industry king based in Italy. Ethimo boasts of their unique imagination when it comes to making the blueprints of their furniture and patio highlighters, each created with a specific Mediterranean patio setting in mind. Their furniture ranges create stunning and chic demeanours for any garden and look extra cosy placed under our waterproof GOSS Outdoor shading systems. We are currently one of the only retailers of Ethimo furniture in the UK and proud to be working alongside them to help our customer create their dream patio and decking.
See our full collection of Ethimo for UK distribution here.

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