Pergola Diaries: High Wycombe Project - Retractable Pergola System (R2 Subulate Minima)

Last month, our GOSS Outdoor team successfully installed a slick retractable pergola system in High Wycombe, Northwest of London.

Aim of this project was to create a magical fortress in the client’s garden area, surrounded by stunning views of the outdoors with wooden fences, simple front posts and our retractable pergola shading system, completing the look. We truly believe that our client, Ms AB, has communicated her vision for a transformed outdoor area with our team who were able to make it come to a reality.

It is super easy to retract the roof of this pergola with the remote-controlled function by Somfy. The pergola also works to be a comfortable relaxation spot whether the client wants to chill under the shade of the pergola or bask in the sunlight when the fabric is retracted. The system works well with the wooden fencing and stairs features which are built under it.


Please read below on the exact specifications of this project:

Pergola Model: Tailor-Made R2 Subulate Minima
Module: Single
Width: 5800mm
Projection: 4000mm
Back-wall Height: 3000mm
Front Height: 2200mm
Aluminium Colour: 7421 Sand Paper Texture
Fabric: B8116/9002 White

As a team, we all adore the outcome of this project. With the arrival of summer, the dimmer lights installed on the roof of the pergola can create a perfect atmosphere for family and friends even in the evenings.

Our client Ms AB commented on her satisfaction with the outcome, which made our team feel super proud! She stated in her feedback form that she feels the shading system looks and works great, fitted in perfectly and worth every penny spent. With the power we get from our success stories, the team continue installations of pergolas and awnings across the UK! 

Visit the products page for more information on our retractable pergolas here or contact us for a FREE pergola quotation.

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