Architect Answers: Working from Home

This week, we caught up with one of our GOSS architects, Ms Busra. She is currently working at home and tells us over a phone meeting how things are going for her.

“Right now, we have a lot of enquiries and are sending out many new quotations. One of the newest ways we have done was preparing a 3D visualisation of a client’s quotation in video format. This aims to help the customer understand how the retractable and fixed glass systems will work for their dedicated area when installed. In this particular case, the customer already has an existing solar roof, but would like to be able to find a solution where she can control the opening and closing of the glass, allowing fresh air in easier for more circulation.”

When asked about the recent challenges she has faced when asked to work from home, she explained… “Working from home has a lot of positives and negatives. I can concentrate a lot better at home because I have set tasks and can focus easier without other distractions which happen naturally in an office environment. However, it also gives a feeling of isolation and that is something very hard to get used to. Before working from home was not a possibility or an option for us, as our system mainly operated by being physically present in the office. Now, we have had to learn a new “normal” which challenges everything we know about communication and adapt to the situation to allow us to work seamlessly, giving our customers the best service we can.

We were interested to know of any future goals Ms Busra has, primarily regarding professional development. “Even though 2020 started off really rocky for everyone, I am firmly believing that we will get through it all with an experience of such an extraordinary ordeal. For both professional growth and the company’s future development, our team is looking forward to reaching out to more clients and taking on projects in relation to architectural renovations.” We are looking forward to seeing more projects by our architects in the future.

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