Outlet Store 30% Discount SALE for pergola, awning and outdoor furnitures

This week we have good news for those who are on a budget dreaming of developing stunning garden features for their homes. 

We want to direct your attention to our big Outlet Store SALE section on GOSS Outdoor website with discounted pergola, awning and outdoor furniture. The products displayed in our showrooms can be found here and they have been pre-installed for visitors of our showrooms to understand the full functions of our shading systems as well as also for demonstrational purposes. We believe that the Outlet Store SALE items make for a great alternative to ordering a brand new shading system and patio furniture. This way you are:


  1. 1. Saving on the costs of ordering a brand new shading system;
  2. 2. Reducing your waiting times due to the product being ready to be re-installed AND;
  3. 3. Helping to recycle these materials for a worldly cause. 


Just as a side note, our showroom’s pergola, awning and patio accessories are still in superb condition with no problems to their original functionality and intended designs. Additionally, note that all of our Outlet Store SALE items have a 30% off discount from their original prices, making them even more desirable! Bear in mind that the items on SALE might have slight scratches and some signs of wear and tear as they have been displayed in our showrooms. Customised fabrics on awnings will be replaced by our team to suit your tastes. 

If you are interested in our SALE items and do not wish to physically visit our warehouse to check if they suit your needs, you can check out the videos we have recorded for our Vimeo channel. There is a lot of furniture here from the Ethimo collection as well which are all in excellent condition and can be found in the sale items.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing our SALE items!

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