Architect Answers: Current Trends in Architecture

This week, we have interview with one of our GOSS architects, Ms Busra. She tells us current trends in Architecture. 

She thinks the most influential architecture trends of 2020 are evolving following sustainable architecture: "There are more architectural trends as open and multipurpose spaces which commits to connect different units of the home to succeed transferable spaces. Another trend is growing attention to the kitchen and baths. The kitchen becomes a centre of home activities as the focus of the home."

Our architect then outlines minimalism by the new trends in architecture, "The trend of minimalism depicts a commitment to simple forms. Regarding colours, white is always trend which gives luminosity to the rooms and widen the perception of the space. Also, it is a trend to combine materials with acoustic insulation that will provide economic savings."

She follows and inspired by especially young architects who combine new visions and sustainability with tradition. She adds: "I would love to tell about the works of  Wang Shuo and Zhang Jing who were a Young Architects Award recipient for her significant contributions to the profession. Forest pavilion in Jilin, China which has breathtaking observation platform came out on top of the competition thanks to its rich materiality, contrasting the warmth of red cedar planks on the interior with an external cladding of charred cedar shingles."

The importance of outdoors

According to Ms Busra, Outdoor areas are started to be well connected with indoor space by blurring indoor and outdoor space as a social demonstration. She says "We can call this trend “Enjoy The Outdoors All Year”. Garden and balconies can be designed and used all seasons by designing them properly. The window systems without profiles and shading solutions such as pergola and awnings provide an enjoyable experience under different weather conditions. If you have an outdoor area, you can locate heaters to combat the cold, no matter season conditions."

We were also interested to know of any opinions of Ms Busra about future architecture: "Immersive virtual reality world is stupendously improving and defines artificial worlds which can be observed, walking in, tactile sense and real time responses."

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This week we have good news for those who are on a budget dreaming of developing stunning garden features for their homes. 

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If you are interested in our SALE items and do not wish to physically visit our warehouse to check if they suit your needs, you can check out the videos we have recorded for our Vimeo channel. There is a lot of furniture here from the Ethimo collection as well which are all in excellent condition and can be found in the sale items.

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Architect Answers: Working from Home

This week, we caught up with one of our GOSS architects, Ms Busra. She is currently working at home and tells us over a phone meeting how things are going for her.

“Right now, we have a lot of enquiries and are sending out many new quotations. One of the newest ways we have done was preparing a 3D visualisation of a client’s quotation in video format. This aims to help the customer understand how the retractable and fixed glass systems will work for their dedicated area when installed. In this particular case, the customer already has an existing solar roof, but would like to be able to find a solution where she can control the opening and closing of the glass, allowing fresh air in easier for more circulation.”

When asked about the recent challenges she has faced when asked to work from home, she explained… “Working from home has a lot of positives and negatives. I can concentrate a lot better at home because I have set tasks and can focus easier without other distractions which happen naturally in an office environment. However, it also gives a feeling of isolation and that is something very hard to get used to. Before working from home was not a possibility or an option for us, as our system mainly operated by being physically present in the office. Now, we have had to learn a new “normal” which challenges everything we know about communication and adapt to the situation to allow us to work seamlessly, giving our customers the best service we can.

We were interested to know of any future goals Ms Busra has, primarily regarding professional development. “Even though 2020 started off really rocky for everyone, I am firmly believing that we will get through it all with an experience of such an extraordinary ordeal. For both professional growth and the company’s future development, our team is looking forward to reaching out to more clients and taking on projects in relation to architectural renovations.” We are looking forward to seeing more projects by our architects in the future.

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Architect Answers: Tips from an Architect to a Student

Ms Rabia A. (right), an Architectural Assistant and a valuable member of the team at GOSS Outdoor wants to inspire newly graduated architects who might need advice working in the industry.

Rabia has graduated from ‘Architectural Design’ in 2011 from Yildiz Teknik University in Istanbul, Turkey and has worked as an architect for a total of nine years.

She begins by mentioning about the educational environment or an emerging architect, “Your school and projects is an important first step. The experience gained as an architectural student is very valuable and they should be able to freely seek answers from their tutors, mentors and peers. This is an excellent opportunity for them to be surrounded by individuals of experience and build relationships.”

Our architect then outlines that you must have a flexible approach - which means that an architect should be prepared to take on a lot of different kinds of projects, going from designing a hospital to a sports centre.

“You have to also be a problem solver, work with a lot of different scales and topics and it is possible to create your architectural projects around theoretical topics such as these, to enrich your understanding and portfolio for when you graduate.”

She adds on to outline why being informed counts: “Continuously checking the newest happenings around the world regarding architecture will only be beneficial for you. Keep updated using the internet, magazines, social media and books, to help you get familiarised with the world of architects.”

“Additionally, travelling to different cities and countries or even your existing city of origin helps to build your knowledge of different styles and structures based on cultures, provisions and style. This will widen your perspective towards architectural design and extend your inspiration.”

Creating connections is also key for every architect. Rabia believes that she has come across incredible opportunities by building relationships with the people of the industry and finds herself very blessed “Good relationships with industry people will only work in the favour of your career.”

To summarise, she thinks an architect and a student should have these things in common:

  1. Being organised.
  2. Being patient and resilient.
  3. Implementing creativity and practicality.
  4. Enjoy every project, even with their challenges.

“The freedom to be able to create is the best experience I have had at university, so I hope that more architect students are brave enough to imagine BIG.”

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This year all of your outdoor wishes come true with GOSS Outdoor. Your winter will be charming with our brilliant offers and discounts, so make sure to stay tuned! Check out our products for more detail.

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Architect Answers: Buckhurst Hill

Our interviewee of the month this December is featuring our hardworking new graduate architect Katie (BD), who has recently just completed her second month working here at GOSS Outdoor. When asked her how she finds it, and she modestly says that she is slowly getting used to the workflow.

“I want to talk about my current project…” Katie starts off, slowly able to bring all her efforts of the past few weeks into words. “We are currently working on a project at Buckhurst Hill, for Client AO - who has requested two custom made pergola systems each with a fixed glass roof system for their private property.”

This project involves each side of the house, where the two pergolas are being installed separately. “The reason I have decided to talk about this project is that the project is still fresh on my mind, and also since it is a custom made glass rooftop pergola system, it is a very unique project for me and the company as well. It makes for a very interesting experience which is also very valuable for us.”

When asked about the challenges our architect Katie faces during this project, she explained that she was very curious to know how the project will unfold. “The main hurdle for me is the roof which is made out of glass and we do not usually provide a glass top solutions for our standard pergola systems, it all feels quite new to me.”

We work as a team together to thrive for positive results and see our projects, as well as our staff, flourish. For this purpose, we push our staff to strive for solutions and outcomes. “To help me overcome the challenges I am facing in this project, I have been working together with my colleagues to accurately measure and plan out the project, which involves the two pergolas on uneven ground. This must be done with great accuracy and attention to detail, to see the project to a seamless succession.”

“I believe the project is going to look amazing when it is completed. It will 100% fulfil the requirements of the client and the home - giving an excellent shelter from the harsh rainy and snowy weathers for the basement area which the pergolas are mounted on top of.”


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Architect Answers: Project Sangam

We have recently interviewed one of our fletching architects at GOSS Outdoor, Ms RA, who have started working with us in our headquarters middle of 2019. She was asked to spend 10 minutes with our blogging and media team to talk about their most memorable projects so far working in our team. "I want to talk about the Sangam project, which is based in the Manchester City Centre." She goes on to explain to us that the reason she has chosen this particular one was that it was her first big project, which has arrived at her doorstep with a lot of new and challenging experiences she currently has added to her professional working career.

"This project was super nerve-wracking for me right off the bat, when I started working at GOSS Outdoor. The project was heavily based around 'planning application' which I had never done before. I was really anxious and wanted to do a great job, as I also wished to impress my peers!" Ms RA states in her interview. "I chose to talk about this project because straight from the get-go, it has left a big impression on me and gave me a taste of what I have decided to take on. This project helped me to learn a lot and grow rapidly."

The Sangam project is still ongoing, as the architects and managers are at the stage of still fighting towards getting this collaboration completed. The current stage is in the waiting phase - where our architect Ms RA is waiting for positive news from the council regarding the planning application. "We have pitched our idea and cause of this project with the Manchester City Council, who will either give us the yes or no to continue along with this installation, which involves the shisha lounge Sangam to get a 'smoking regulation' approved for their commercial establishment, to allow them to have shisha facilities available for their customers. If this project is approved, this will mark the Sangam Project as the first establishment in the Manchester city to have a legally licensed shisha lounge." Ms RA goes on to explain that it is extremely difficult for businesses to get smoking permission on their commercial properties, and there are a lot of factors to be considered and pass through the checklist of health hazard requirements. She feels positive that this project will come to a fruitful conclusion, and hoping to be finished in 2020.

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Architects Answers: The project of Restaurant Lugana, London [Subulate Minima]

This week, we have interviewed one of our main architects and technicians Miss Selma A, in relation to one of the latest projects we have completed at GOSS Outdoor. This project, in particular, involved a Subulate Quercus Minima to be installed at the front outdoor space of the Restaurant Lugana establishment, based in Beckenham, London.

Miss Selma has explained that the reason of her choosing to talk about this project, in particular, was due to the many complications of the naturally affected area which she has had to work with to accomplish this project: "This project was my personal biggest challenge so far, whilst working at GOSS Outdoor. The reason I have seen it suitable to talk about this installation was because of the many factors which affected the area we had to work with and come up with solutions to see the project through. The area we were working with was uneven on the right and left sides, there was not enough back wall height, the floor which the pergola was to be placed onto was uneven, and quite a few limitations involving the natural state of the site. In addition to those, we had the task of having to make sure the pergola seamlessly fitted under the Restaurant Lugana signage and looked as natural and perfect as possible."

Miss Selma continues on to explain how she has overcome these challenges during the project: "To be able to successfully complete this project, there was a lot of need for clear instructions and communications exchanged, and many drawing works was created to plan out the installation and of the product. The project required revising constantly during the development and I had to be able to be attentive to details, determined to succeed and gain extra support from our engineer consultants in regards to technical assistance."

We asked our architect how she felt upon the completion of the project: "To be able to see the drawing you create come to life and work incredibly flawlessly with such a simple operational system was mind-blowing and very rewarding at the end. It made me feel that all my efforts were worth it. The outdoor space looks very modern and comfortable, to help the customers of Lugana Restaurants enjoy a lovely meal outdoors."

We thank you for your hard work and look forward to hearing from you again about your future endeavours! 

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Architects Answers: The project of NH, Subulate Quercus Minima

This week, we have interviewed one of our main architects and technicians Miss Busra B, about one of the latest projects which the GOSS Outdoor team has recently completed. The project subjected the installation of two Subulate Quercus Minima, and our customer was based in London.

Busra went onto tell the story of this project from start to finish: "NH, our customer based in London, has contacted the office directly and she knew exactly what she wanted which made the quotation and preparing the project stages very straight forward. She had requested two Subulate Quercus Minima for her back garden."

Miss Busra continues on to explain some of the struggles she faced during the project: "We were very time-limited for this project and it was a really fast-paced task which had a lot of us working extra hours, however, we have successfully completed the project within the deadline given to us by Ms NH."

We asked our architect what her thoughts were on the completed project: "When this project had been completed, I felt very fulfilled to see that our dear customer was very satisfied with the outcome of the project and her pergola completed the unique and luxurious outdoor space she had always dreamt of."

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