Awning Diaries: Janela Awning The Italian Club Liverpool

For awning diaries this week, we are taking a look at a showcase from one of our many success stories. Our client’s choice of shading system is one of our very popular awning models, which is called the ‘Janela Awning’. 

The Janela was installed for this commercial establishment and it is also one of our most traditional renditions of the awnings. It has been crafted and personalised to represent and wear the branding of The Italian Club, based in Liverpool.

The material used for the awning has been chosen to go particularly well with the Italian Club’s style and visual representation. This really creates a special air to the entrance of the restaurant which gives the establishment an edge over the other buildings surrounding it, as it really helps them to stand out. Definitely an eye-catching element for when if the owner is seeking to exert a traditional Italian feel to their approaching customers.

The first impression always tells a story about a person, a dish and of course a restaurant. This Janela awning is one of the many factors which contribute to a positive impression to leave on the customers as they come to dine at the Italian Club.

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