Beauty of Summer: Pavilions and Gazebos

Without a doubt, summer is the most anticipated season of the year. There are many things to love about summer; The weather is getting warmer, the days are longer... You gonna want to spend more time at outside. This means; It's time to make some innovations in your garden that you've been delaying for a long time.

As we all know already, no one is not sure when we can have a abroad holiday due to the pandemic’s international impact. So, why not bring the wonderful summer atmosphere to your own home! Give a fresh update to your garden: Our suggestion will be to look at pavilions and gazebos for the summer atmosphere. Now is a good opportunity to use this as inspiration and focus on reflecting the beauty of summer onto your living spaces. 

Pavilions & Gazebos

Fabulous versatile rooms, for outdoor living with unmistakable style. Cocoons of well being surrounded by nature for spaces that are the epitome of contemporary garden furniture. Eivissa is the ideal system for a personalised outdoor lifestyle, a synthesis of technology, functionality and emotion.

 - Eivissa Open Air (Pavilion without covering)


The Eivissa collection is a series of pavilions in powder-coated aluminium that offers a wide variety of configurations thanks to all its different sizes, colours, floors, roofs, ceilings and perimeter panels. In nine different colours, the structure is available in three sizes, with or without the base perimeter that supports the flooring.

The Open Air version of Eivissa is its most lightweight form, without structural coverings with the option of creating shade through the use of a sliding fabric curtain which can be purchased as a complementary element.

- Eivissa Light & Proof (Pavilion with covering)

The Light & Proof version of the structure is equipped with a fixed covering in compact polycarbonate that makes the structure perfectly waterproof.

The Light & Proof roof is made of sheets of polycarbonate 3 mm thick and about 60 cm wide. Each sheet has a load capacity of about 15 kg/m². The polycarbonate comes in either a clear or smoky version. The sheets slide into calendered aluminium guides that force the roof to curve, ensuring water runs off laterally into dedicated gutters and then down through the structure posts to the ground.

- Eivissa Climate (Pavilion with adjustable covering)


The Climate version has motorised and adjustable covering with adjustable louvres shade meets modular needs for light, protection and ventilation.

Climate roof comprises a series of aluminium louvres (11x4 cm), available in nine colours based on the chromatic choice of the structure, that can be adjusted to a maximum of 90°C via remote control. When closed, the roof guarantees excellent waterproofing, up to 10 mm/h of rain. When open, the louvres provide shade and ventilation. It has a snow load capacity of 75 kg/m². What’s more, water caught by the louvres is guaranteed to run off smoothly thanks to a system of gutters and pipes that take the water down through the posts to the ground.

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Classic Blue! Colour of the Year in 2020:

Every new year, a colour, in particular, is selected to represent the year that follows it. This year we are ready to rock the classic blue tones putting our support into this trend. It’s important to acknowledge that not just every blue will hit the mark, the focus is on a certain ‘Pantone’ blue which is the Pantone 19-4052 Blue.

The hype was created by the Pantone Color Institute, but why have they decided on this particular blue? Read on to find out!

The way Pantone described this chosen blue is due to it being a “timeless” and an “enduring hue”. A colour to depict the new decade should be one which is bold, strong and versatile. The Pantone Color Institute pursues the idea that the colours have different altitudes, personalities and meanings. And we live in a world where we are continuously bewildered by the global news and feel in a state of being wary and suspicious, the majority of the time. The Classic Blue Pantone 19-4052 is a representative of the inner power and stability which we must find within ourselves to help change our lives and our worlds for the better.

Don’t be surprised when you encounter this shade of the colour blue popping up on your TV and magazines, as designers and marketers are all following to support this same goal of empowerment for their endeavours!

Why not try to adopt a number of home furniture, decor, and even try wearing a brilliant classic blue suit or dress? You can have a story to tell next time you head out, glammed up with your 19-4052 shade of blue!

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Architect Answers: Project Sangam

We have recently interviewed one of our fletching architects at GOSS Outdoor, Ms RA, who have started working with us in our headquarters middle of 2019. She was asked to spend 10 minutes with our blogging and media team to talk about their most memorable projects so far working in our team. "I want to talk about the Sangam project, which is based in the Manchester City Centre." She goes on to explain to us that the reason she has chosen this particular one was that it was her first big project, which has arrived at her doorstep with a lot of new and challenging experiences she currently has added to her professional working career.

"This project was super nerve-wracking for me right off the bat, when I started working at GOSS Outdoor. The project was heavily based around 'planning application' which I had never done before. I was really anxious and wanted to do a great job, as I also wished to impress my peers!" Ms RA states in her interview. "I chose to talk about this project because straight from the get-go, it has left a big impression on me and gave me a taste of what I have decided to take on. This project helped me to learn a lot and grow rapidly."

The Sangam project is still ongoing, as the architects and managers are at the stage of still fighting towards getting this collaboration completed. The current stage is in the waiting phase - where our architect Ms RA is waiting for positive news from the council regarding the planning application. "We have pitched our idea and cause of this project with the Manchester City Council, who will either give us the yes or no to continue along with this installation, which involves the shisha lounge Sangam to get a 'smoking regulation' approved for their commercial establishment, to allow them to have shisha facilities available for their customers. If this project is approved, this will mark the Sangam Project as the first establishment in the Manchester city to have a legally licensed shisha lounge." Ms RA goes on to explain that it is extremely difficult for businesses to get smoking permission on their commercial properties, and there are a lot of factors to be considered and pass through the checklist of health hazard requirements. She feels positive that this project will come to a fruitful conclusion, and hoping to be finished in 2020.

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Winter ideas for your perfect garden!!

This week, we have selected a number of winter outdoor ideas for making your garden incredibly gorgeous. Winter is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean your garden should be all doom and gloom, unable to be used at all. Outdoors could always be enjoyable and cosy in the wintertime too. There are some easy ways to make this happen which you need to know!

Our GOSS Outdoor products can provide a pleasant outdoor experience even in the winter. Who says staying outside in winter can’t be as fun as it in the summer when the possibilities are endless?

The products, namely the B-Cube Classic and Falcate Tectona Retractable Pergola ranges of our product line can help to create the most perfect and roomy space for your outdoor endeavours. Along with these solutions, our outdoor furniture products can aid you to find the best assortment of style and look for your garden. Take out pillows, use some simple decorations which suits your personal for a cosy winter look and with our elegant outdoor furniture and keep your guests comfortable while hosting them over. You can also plan a fun garden party with your family and friends, especially during new years, enjoying a firework show! The only issue will be for when your family and friends start bearing garden envy towards you!!

You can use warm colours to decorate your garden with splashes of red, orange, yellow, green, etc. These colours suit the Christmas atmosphere and create a good contrast between cool and warm at the same time. Do not hesitate to use plants as well as a part of your outdoor design props. We are positive that pine trees, pinecones and plants suited to survive the colds of the winter temperatures will look amazing.

Why don't you have that your dream garden now? Our Pergola models are the most important part of your dreamy winter garden, along with our outdoor furniture range being the best advocates for your comfort. Explore your options on our products section of the website, by clicking here.

Now you have a perfectly good reason to go out and have a good time in your garden even in unpredictable weather conditions. Don’t be afraid to have fun and break the rules!


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