Outlet Store 30% Discount SALE for pergola, awning and outdoor furnitures

This week we have good news for those who are on a budget dreaming of developing stunning garden features for their homes. 

We want to direct your attention to our big Outlet Store SALE section on GOSS Outdoor website with discounted pergola, awning and outdoor furniture. The products displayed in our showrooms can be found here and they have been pre-installed for visitors of our showrooms to understand the full functions of our shading systems as well as also for demonstrational purposes. We believe that the Outlet Store SALE items make for a great alternative to ordering a brand new shading system and patio furniture. This way you are:


  1. 1. Saving on the costs of ordering a brand new shading system;
  2. 2. Reducing your waiting times due to the product being ready to be re-installed AND;
  3. 3. Helping to recycle these materials for a worldly cause. 


Just as a side note, our showroom’s pergola, awning and patio accessories are still in superb condition with no problems to their original functionality and intended designs. Additionally, note that all of our Outlet Store SALE items have a 30% off discount from their original prices, making them even more desirable! Bear in mind that the items on SALE might have slight scratches and some signs of wear and tear as they have been displayed in our showrooms. Customised fabrics on awnings will be replaced by our team to suit your tastes. 

If you are interested in our SALE items and do not wish to physically visit our warehouse to check if they suit your needs, you can check out the videos we have recorded for our Vimeo channel. There is a lot of furniture here from the Ethimo collection as well which are all in excellent condition and can be found in the sale items.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing our SALE items!

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Architect Answers: Working from Home

This week, we caught up with one of our GOSS architects, Ms Busra. She is currently working at home and tells us over a phone meeting how things are going for her.

“Right now, we have a lot of enquiries and are sending out many new quotations. One of the newest ways we have done was preparing a 3D visualisation of a client’s quotation in video format. This aims to help the customer understand how the retractable and fixed glass systems will work for their dedicated area when installed. In this particular case, the customer already has an existing solar roof, but would like to be able to find a solution where she can control the opening and closing of the glass, allowing fresh air in easier for more circulation.”

When asked about the recent challenges she has faced when asked to work from home, she explained… “Working from home has a lot of positives and negatives. I can concentrate a lot better at home because I have set tasks and can focus easier without other distractions which happen naturally in an office environment. However, it also gives a feeling of isolation and that is something very hard to get used to. Before working from home was not a possibility or an option for us, as our system mainly operated by being physically present in the office. Now, we have had to learn a new “normal” which challenges everything we know about communication and adapt to the situation to allow us to work seamlessly, giving our customers the best service we can.

We were interested to know of any future goals Ms Busra has, primarily regarding professional development. “Even though 2020 started off really rocky for everyone, I am firmly believing that we will get through it all with an experience of such an extraordinary ordeal. For both professional growth and the company’s future development, our team is looking forward to reaching out to more clients and taking on projects in relation to architectural renovations.” We are looking forward to seeing more projects by our architects in the future.

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Pergola Diaries: High Wycombe Project - Retractable Pergola System (R2 Subulate Minima)

Last month, our GOSS Outdoor team successfully installed a slick retractable pergola system in High Wycombe, Northwest of London.

Aim of this project was to create a magical fortress in the client’s garden area, surrounded by stunning views of the outdoors with wooden fences, simple front posts and our retractable pergola shading system, completing the look. We truly believe that our client, Ms AB, has communicated her vision for a transformed outdoor area with our team who were able to make it come to a reality.

It is super easy to retract the roof of this pergola with the remote-controlled function by Somfy. The pergola also works to be a comfortable relaxation spot whether the client wants to chill under the shade of the pergola or bask in the sunlight when the fabric is retracted. The system works well with the wooden fencing and stairs features which are built under it.


Please read below on the exact specifications of this project:

Pergola Model: Tailor-Made R2 Subulate Minima
Module: Single
Width: 5800mm
Projection: 4000mm
Back-wall Height: 3000mm
Front Height: 2200mm
Aluminium Colour: 7421 Sand Paper Texture
Fabric: B8116/9002 White

As a team, we all adore the outcome of this project. With the arrival of summer, the dimmer lights installed on the roof of the pergola can create a perfect atmosphere for family and friends even in the evenings.

Our client Ms AB commented on her satisfaction with the outcome, which made our team feel super proud! She stated in her feedback form that she feels the shading system looks and works great, fitted in perfectly and worth every penny spent. With the power we get from our success stories, the team continue installations of pergolas and awnings across the UK! 

Visit the products page for more information on our retractable pergolas here or contact us for a FREE pergola quotation.

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Important - GOSS Shading Systems (GOSS Outdoor) Coronavirus COVID-19 update

As uncertainty increases with the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the UK, GOSS Shading Systems (GOSS Outdoor) wishes to reassure all of our clients and contacts that we will continue to operate as usual.

Continuation of our services:

The wellbeing of our staff and the duty of care to our clients is naturally of the utmost importance to GOSS Shading Systems (GOSS Outdoor). With the current concerns about COVID-19 and the evolving situation, we are writing to provide confidence that we have the appropriate continuity plans in place to minimise any risks and continue to provide the service you would expect from our team.

As much as reasonably possible, we will continue to keep our telephone lines open, and our dedicated staff have the technical support in place to be able to continue to work remotely when and where required.

We appreciate that you will also have your contingency plans in place, and our installation teams will follow your guidance where they are working with your precious project.

Our team will still be accessible via email and the phone, should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 689 4549.

Mr Oguz Senol


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Pergola Diaries: Sutton Coldfield Project - Subulate Ulmus

Our Team from GOSS Outdoor continues their installation of pergola and awning endeavours across the UK! We want to highlight a project which features a beautified garden and patio area, sheltered with one of our retractable pergola systems. Below you can find specifications of the exact same project from this case study.

Pergola Model: Subulate Ulmus
Module: Single Module
Width: 5000mm 
Projection: 4000mm 
Back-wall Height: 2850mm
Front Height: 2150mm
Aluminium Colour: Jet Black (RAL 9005) with Textured Surface Finish (Fine Sand Paper)
Fabric: SIOEN B8118 / 1622 Grey 3D Cubo Design

This pergola model is suitable for private, residential and commercial areas, making it a very versatile choice.
It is impressive that a singular module system is able to cover such a vast area, visibly suitable to shelter over 4-10 people at a time. 
With the help of the installed pergola system, the unused space at this client’s back garden is being put to good use - protecting the furniture, plants and the patio area underneath. 
If you are also interested in getting a quotation for your own pergola and awning project and create a stunning look for your garden, contact our team by clicking here.

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