Spring decoration ideas for your garden!

Spring has arrived, bringing vivid colours and beautiful blooms into our life. If you tune in to the sound of nature: birds are singing and trees are swaying lightly with the wind... The days get warmer, longer,  and more full of life. 

Now is a good opportunity to use this as inspiration and focus on reflecting the beauty of our creative minds onto our living spaces. Celebrate the arrival of spring using our four tips on how to beautify your garden!

Tip 1: Use more colours in pastel and floral glory. 

Nothing feels more like spring than floral patterns and soft pastels. Give a fresh update to your sofas and armchairs using a mix of spring-themed accessories. Think flower-patterned pillows, pastel-coloured fabrics and freshly picked or handled flowers placed in your favourite vase. A visual change will surely raise the mood every time you step into the living room or garden.

Tip 2: More bright spaces

Maximize the natural light in your home with a white on the white colour scheme. The colour white reflects light very well, making rooms feel lighter and brighter. So say goodbye to dark interiors. Instead, create a room that’s ready to let the sunshine in and through with the use of soft neutral shades of white, ivory and cream. 

Tip 3: A new look at outdoors

Parasols are a prime need for enjoying outdoors with the approaching summer. Since the sun is finally smiling upon our hemisphere, it’s a perfect chance to read books and drink coffee under a parasol in your garden! The fabric and colour are important along with some technical details when choosing your ideal parasol. Is it wide enough to cover your desired space? Does it block out the harsh UV rays? Will it match the colour scheme you’re looking to establish in your garden? No matter the question, browse our parasols at GOSS Outdoor to see which options suit you best.

Tip 4: To have more glazing for shining

Remember that spring will bring rain from time to time and sunshine is not forever in the UK! It is imperative that you have a shading utility, such as a simple retractable pergola in your garden to match your outdoor decoration with customisable fabrics and aluminium panels. And for balconies, heat-insulated balcony enclosures can transform your external area into your favourite place, all year round. On windy, rainy, or cool days, keep the glass closed for a cosy and comfortable solarium with unobstructed views. Slide the retractable glass open easily for fresh air on those beautiful spring days. You can visit our glazing systems for more information.

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During the self-isolation | Best things to do at home!

During the self-isolation | Best things to do at home!

During these difficult days as we are social distancing, self-isolation can be quite hard to deal with. It’s normal to feel anxious or aimless these days. If you’re worried about the impacts of how everything that is going on will have on your mental health, here are some useful tips our colleagues have come up with to help you make the most out of it!

Scrub-clean your entire home!

Right now is actually a good opportunity for you to clean your home intensively, aka big the ‘Spring Clean’! You can do a deep cleansing of your home if you have been delaying it for a long time. Hoover every floor and air out the rugs, wipe and polish every dull surface at your home, do laundry and use your best fabric softener and don’t forget to check neglected areas under the beds and the couch. You will positively feel more light and relaxed being at home afterwards. This doesn’t only create a fresh environment to live in but it is also essential for keeping your home free from germs and essentially ward away the viruses.

Enjoy quality your time in your garden or balcony

As spring approaches our hemisphere, the weather is starting to turn sunnier and pleasantly warm. If you have a balcony or a garden you can still enjoy the outdoors since technically you are still at your own turf! Read a book and enjoy a nice cold drink, maybe do some gardening. We like to think about the many gardens we have transformed as the GOSS Outdoor team, and how our customers will be enjoying the outdoors with the pleasant shading made with their awnings and pergolas. Are you able to visualise your garden with one of our shading systems?

Learn and practice new skills!

Are you one of those people who normally daydream that they have extra time to learn to play a new instrument, be able to cook and bake new things and study a new language? You can go far with free online courses and Youtube tutorials these days. Add your new skills to an arsenal of impressive party tricks to impress your friends and family for when you are reunited after the quarantine!

Out with the old and in with the new!

Don't waste your time agonising over old and useless furniture or stuff that you have. Try to be creative as much as you can and visualise about new projects for your home. Maybe you want to renovate your patio in the following weeks or grow some new plants in your garden! If you need some inspiration, we recommend that you have a look at our stunning outdoor furniture collections by Ethimo!

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