Architect Answers: A Good Team Makes You Successful!

Miss Filipa L. an Architectural Assistant and a new valuable member of the team at GOSS Outdoor who graduated from the University of Salford in 2018 with 1st merit in Interior and Architecture Design.

At the moment she works as an Intern at Senol & Senol Ltd under Santander Graduate Internship Programme.

She is mentioning about the art as a part of the architecture, "I like art & design so anything that is included its worth for me to look at."

The young architect who said that modern architecture reflects itself, "I follow styles and the modern style is my go for, I like the modern design and architecture and the minimalistic design."

Good team and good communication are the keys to making the project succeed.

Miss Filipa says that success is depending on working with a good team, "I can say my project in Lisbon, it is the most reward project and experience and I did learn a lot from it. I had a good team and good communication are the keys to making the project succeed. When I start it I was a student so a good time table and a back a forward communication with the client is very important! For been an overseas project, I had to make sure I had all the plans, details on time so the project could be completed.”

She also says that knowing about the client's needs and doing a good organization has brought success. She emphasizes that it is necessary to use the time scale well.

Additionally, She says, "As an Interior Designer, I expect to gain as much experience I can to build my Interior Designer skills."

"I make sure I am up to date with design software and I always follow pages that could inspire me and give me a new design perspective."

She also suggests to the architecture students: "Do not wait to graduate to apply for jobs!"

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Coronavirus COVID-19 response by GOSS Shading Systems (GOSS Outdoor) – Manchester, UK

Coronavirus COVID-19, GOSS Shading Systems (GOSS Outdoor) – Manchester, UK

The current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which began in December 2019, presents a significant challenge for the entire world.

As you are a valued customer, we wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our business actions in what are unprecedented times.

In line with instructions from the UK Government, we are taking all necessary measures to ensure we act in the best interests of our country at this time.

We confirm that we have followed all guidance provided by the Public Health Authorities, implementing measures to minimise the risk of infection across our business.

Following the government’s latest announcement to fight COVID-19, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close our showroom to the public from 10.30 pm Tuesday 17th March. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, and we appreciate that it may be disappointing for many.

The closure is temporary, and we will be monitoring advice from the government to reopen at the first appropriate opportunity.

We appreciate that this is a worrying and difficult time given the unprecedented circumstances that the world faces with the current coronavirus pandemic and would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

We will need to limit our ability to service our current customers throughout this period but we are sure that you will understand as this is imperative at this time.

We all must do whatever is necessary to stop the continued spread of COVID-19 and as a business, we will continue to follow all directives from the Government and the relevant authorities.

We thank you for your support and wish you and your families continued good health.

Mr Oguz Senol 


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Best Hygiene Practices in the Office: Keeping Colleagues Safe!

Being aware of the current news about the newly announced pandemic of the Covid-19 virus AKA the Coronavirus, our managers and colleagues decided to take some precautionary actions to help prevent the spread of germs around our office (which we are all very grateful for).

With the aims of helping our colleagues stay well informed and keep on top of the best practices regarding how to ensure best hygiene and safety when in the offices at GOSS Outdoor, we have created a list of helpful pointers suitable for any office use! We hope that you can also use these tips in your workplace!

1. Carry a personal alcohol-based sanitising product

 Who would have thought hand-gels would be the liquid gold of 2020? These mini anti-bacterial lifesavers have started to sell out the moment they enter the shelves in biggest supermarkets, and they are being used to keep hands free from germs and dirt, whenever a sink or a washroom is unavailable. You might end up needing them in public areas, including the office surroundings. 

If you are having trouble finding hand gels to purchase, try finding them at small post offices and local convenience stores. 


You can also use “lemon hand colognes”, a traditional hand sanitising method used in Turkey as a part of daily-life and courtesy culture. These are fresh smelling liquids with over 70% alcohol in them and can be found in most international supermarkets/shops.

2. Create sanitation hot-spots in the office

 Think about the areas colleagues are most likely to be touching; kitchen and communal dining areas, elevators etc. You can place a hand sanitizers/hand colognes in these areas to encourage your colleagues to keep their hands clean before and after using communal areas. Our manager recently has also installed a small sanitation area for our team to use on our breaks! (Thank you, Mr Senol!)

3. Share a car with a colleague (avoid public transport)

 Whilst this option might not be available to everyone, it is worth discussing with your colleagues who might be living in a similar direction as yourself. If you usually take the bus/tram/metro into work, you might find yourself exposed to the public more often than you require to. If any of your colleagues would be able to help pick you up as they are also heading to the office, you’re helping to keep yourself AND others safe too.

4. Wipe ALL of your own office belongings

 This includes all your daily office tools. Scissors, pens, sticky notes, tablets, laptops, phones… Get some disposable cloth and a sanitising product to wipe away your stationery and belongings, which you may be touching on the daily.

Which effectively also is safe to say, avoid using other colleague’s office stationery, equipment and goes without saying - personal belongings. If you really have to, make sure you are able to wash your hands or sanitise them afterwards.

5. If you have to cough/sneeze, use a tissue or your sleeves

 Your coughing and sneezing will get you more than a simple “bless you” these days. Avoid freaking out your colleagues by coughing and sneezing where the droplets can scatter easily around you and your colleagues’ workspaces. You can use your sleeve or tissue to sneeze and cough into, later disposing of it when you have finished using the tissue. Catch it and bin it!

6. Avoid touching your face

 Whether we know it or not, we are ALL very guilty for unknowingly touching our faces as we are working. Whether it is using our hand for head support and rubbing our eyes, you are less likely to get sick if you work on picking up on these little details.

7. Wash your hands regularly (yes, really!)

 We are told this about 5 times a day as if suddenly all humanity will have memory loss over how basic hygiene works - but washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap is ESSENTIAL to keeping safe from the viruses. Make sure your office has anti-bacterial soaps ready for regular use.

As we are talking about these tips in our office, we are also implementing them. We wish you a happy and healthy working environment from GOSS Outdoor!

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Architect Answers: Tips from an Architect to a Student

Ms Rabia A. (right), an Architectural Assistant and a valuable member of the team at GOSS Outdoor wants to inspire newly graduated architects who might need advice working in the industry.

Rabia has graduated from ‘Architectural Design’ in 2011 from Yildiz Teknik University in Istanbul, Turkey and has worked as an architect for a total of nine years.

She begins by mentioning about the educational environment or an emerging architect, “Your school and projects is an important first step. The experience gained as an architectural student is very valuable and they should be able to freely seek answers from their tutors, mentors and peers. This is an excellent opportunity for them to be surrounded by individuals of experience and build relationships.”

Our architect then outlines that you must have a flexible approach - which means that an architect should be prepared to take on a lot of different kinds of projects, going from designing a hospital to a sports centre.

“You have to also be a problem solver, work with a lot of different scales and topics and it is possible to create your architectural projects around theoretical topics such as these, to enrich your understanding and portfolio for when you graduate.”

She adds on to outline why being informed counts: “Continuously checking the newest happenings around the world regarding architecture will only be beneficial for you. Keep updated using the internet, magazines, social media and books, to help you get familiarised with the world of architects.”

“Additionally, travelling to different cities and countries or even your existing city of origin helps to build your knowledge of different styles and structures based on cultures, provisions and style. This will widen your perspective towards architectural design and extend your inspiration.”

Creating connections is also key for every architect. Rabia believes that she has come across incredible opportunities by building relationships with the people of the industry and finds herself very blessed “Good relationships with industry people will only work in the favour of your career.”

To summarise, she thinks an architect and a student should have these things in common:

  1. Being organised.
  2. Being patient and resilient.
  3. Implementing creativity and practicality.
  4. Enjoy every project, even with their challenges.

“The freedom to be able to create is the best experience I have had at university, so I hope that more architect students are brave enough to imagine BIG.”

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Our Pride and Joy the Subulate Minima - Retractable Pergola Showcase

At GOSS Outdoor we treat our shading systems as not just a motor-operated shading system for gardens but also a wondrous piece of art. We feel that the idea of creating an outside area underneath the security of the pergola is not the only factor in what keeps us driven to continue creating architectural developments.

Our most prized pergola system is the ‘Subulate Minima’ series. This retractable pergola model offers a great variety of sizes and is suitable for many budgets. The sleek and classic design is our highly in demand with our existing customers, and we have our Case Study showcases to show as proof. More than 70% of our inquiries are dreamers of a Subulate Minima for their patios!

Check out the full product description by clicking here, and feel free to contact our team of technicians for a free quotation.

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A unique and original way to say “I love you”

Are you looking for something unique for your loved ones? You can try to be as creative as you can for Valentine’s day with endless bookmarks of the usual “Valentine’s Day ideas” and videos of baking perfect cupcakes for your valentine, which can have you risk being super cliché and corny.

We feel it is possible to make the atmosphere of your home more romantic, beautiful and full of love - not just the one time of a year on valentine’s day, but all year round. Refreshing the look of your home will be a sure-fire way to say “I love to live with you” and an indirect form of care towards your partner, S.O., lover and even simply towards to your close family. Therefore you can not only show your adoration for your special ones around you, but also the home you live in.

Decorate your garden with state of the art outdoor furniture

Just in time for before the summer arrives, plan the look of your back garden and decide on which outdoor furniture you need for a dreamy patio. Imagine the lovely memories you will make with your partner and family in this special area - from barbeques to party games and having breakfast on a sunny Sunday.

Make use of the luxurious pergola system.

Speaking of home design, a pergola will add an extravagant air to your home. These unique and retractable systems can create a sense of security, even acting as an extra room which you can decorate the inside of and make it totally yours. Choose the best system to suit your preferences by checking out our range here.

Awnings are a classic.

For projects with a certain allowance and smaller room to work with - you can make a lovely look for your garden with a romantic and cosy awning system. Our most suitable suggestion is the Moonlight Awning with the heart-melting LED lights, illuminating your patio at night. We are sure that you will want to spend more time in your garden underneath the awning, gazing at the stars with your S.O. What do you think your special other would think of the idea of having one of these in your garden?

If you are unsure as to what system is suitable for your home - fret not. Our technicians at GOSS Outdoor are experienced architects who can guide you towards any shading solution which will suit your requirements and satiate your curiosity. Contact us over here!


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All About Our “Architectural Cloth” at GOSS Outdoor

For our pergola and awning installations, we only work with a special group of materials to provide the ultimate support and quality for our shading systems, and we collaborate with different suppliers, one of them being SIOEN - an industry giant within fabric and textiles production services.

Traditionally, awnings and pergolas are made from materials which are not complex and thus creating a type of shading system which will be exposed to faster ‘wear and tear’. The modern technology of industrial cloth is brought to us by the technicians at SIOEN who use a mixture of PU-coated texture with either PES or PA fabric to create the roof section of our awnings and pergolas.

A ‘PU (Polyurethane) coated’ texture used to cover fabrics, to give them a water-resistant property which allows the fabric to be safely protected from harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind and even the harsh sunlight, which get efficiently blocked, bouncing off of the surface of the material.

PA, which is the abbreviated term of ‘Polyamide’, is made from nylon, known for its high resistance towards abrasion and tearing. In addition, it is elastic, does not crease, and can be easily dyed or modified.

Similarly, PES is also a texture which we use for our shading systems, and it is commonly created from petroleum by-products or even recycled plastic bottles, which creates a whole new purpose to dispose of excess plastic discarded - by creating a new purpose for the materials to exist in our back gardens, in the form of a pergola system.

This way, the turtles are happy and so are our customers.

Find out more about SIOEN’s revolutionary fabric technology on their website and check out our pergolas and awnings at GOSS Outdoor!

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Awning Diaries: Janela Awning The Italian Club Liverpool

For awning diaries this week, we are taking a look at a showcase from one of our many success stories. Our client’s choice of shading system is one of our very popular awning models, which is called the ‘Janela Awning’. 

The Janela was installed for this commercial establishment and it is also one of our most traditional renditions of the awnings. It has been crafted and personalised to represent and wear the branding of The Italian Club, based in Liverpool.

The material used for the awning has been chosen to go particularly well with the Italian Club’s style and visual representation. This really creates a special air to the entrance of the restaurant which gives the establishment an edge over the other buildings surrounding it, as it really helps them to stand out. Definitely an eye-catching element for when if the owner is seeking to exert a traditional Italian feel to their approaching customers.

The first impression always tells a story about a person, a dish and of course a restaurant. This Janela awning is one of the many factors which contribute to a positive impression to leave on the customers as they come to dine at the Italian Club.

Do you wish to find out more technical specifics and visual ideas for our perfect awnings? Check out our products by clicking this link.

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Winter Discount!! 10% off any orders and quotation….

Our Winter Discount, which is a 10% off any awning, pergola and any other outdoor furniture order and quotation, continues!! Start your 2020 with a glorious outdoor project with the help of our GOSS Outdoor team of experienced architects and technicians. The discount of 10% applies to all quotations and is available between 9th of January to the 31st of March***.

Plenty of time to browse and decide on your perfect outdoor feature! 

Check out our products on the website for more detail.

Terms and Conditions apply. ***The Winter Discount will begin at 12.00 am (GMT) on 9th January 2020 (the “Start Date”) and closes at 11.59 pm (GMT) on 31st of March 2020 (the “End Date”). Discounts will only be valid during this time. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion or be applied retrospectively. Senol & Senol Ltd t/a GOSS Outdoor reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and/or cancel the Black Friday promotion at its sole discretion. This offer is open to UK & Northern Ireland residents over 18 years old only.***

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Classic Blue! Colour of the Year in 2020:

Every new year, a colour, in particular, is selected to represent the year that follows it. This year we are ready to rock the classic blue tones putting our support into this trend. It’s important to acknowledge that not just every blue will hit the mark, the focus is on a certain ‘Pantone’ blue which is the Pantone 19-4052 Blue.

The hype was created by the Pantone Color Institute, but why have they decided on this particular blue? Read on to find out!

The way Pantone described this chosen blue is due to it being a “timeless” and an “enduring hue”. A colour to depict the new decade should be one which is bold, strong and versatile. The Pantone Color Institute pursues the idea that the colours have different altitudes, personalities and meanings. And we live in a world where we are continuously bewildered by the global news and feel in a state of being wary and suspicious, the majority of the time. The Classic Blue Pantone 19-4052 is a representative of the inner power and stability which we must find within ourselves to help change our lives and our worlds for the better.

Don’t be surprised when you encounter this shade of the colour blue popping up on your TV and magazines, as designers and marketers are all following to support this same goal of empowerment for their endeavours!

Why not try to adopt a number of home furniture, decor, and even try wearing a brilliant classic blue suit or dress? You can have a story to tell next time you head out, glammed up with your 19-4052 shade of blue!

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